Nothing gets more customers than a custom clear advertising sign, they can be wall mount, projecting, suspended and post mounted. A panel is a sign for advertisement of your own store or project with your own design on it. This product is used to introduce people to your business, provide information, promote fairs and events. Generally represent your company's identity or brand


Metal signs are perfect outdoor but can also be beautiful in the office. Want a strong but still light weight sign? Aluminium composit signs are what you are looking for. Also known as a 'sandwich panel', Dibond consists of two aluminium sheets 'sandwiching' a rigid polyethylene core. It doesn't bend and is water resistant.


Affordable rigid signage. Correx boards or 'plastic cardboard' has the familiar fluted centre we know and are both lightweight and flexible, allowing you to fold and bend your sign. Correx boards are the most affordable option for short term promotional signage.


5MM Foamex (or Forex) is made from PVC foam and has a high quality smooth finish, which makes it perfect for indoor advertising, ceiling signs, or wallcovering.

Following production technique is used:

UV-print: the printing is fulfilled with eco-friendly ink which is cured by means of UV light. Curing ensures that the quality is clear and the colors are printed sharp.

Finishing options are as follows:

  • A Clean Cut is the standard finish for your advertising panel. Your sign will be cut nicely to the exact size you requested.
  • Two holes in the upper left and right corners of your advertising panel. Perfect for hanging on your ceiling!
  • Four holes in the corners: Four holes will be drilled in each corner of your clean cut advertising panel. Perfect for wall suspension or hanging!
  • Contour cut: Cutting your design on the contour lines gives your sign a great finish. Virtually any shape can be cut, creating a unique look!


Custom Banners are a great way to promote your business or decorate an event. Choose between our selection of different materials including windproof mesh. From event advertising, building site Heras fencing to scaffolding banners we supply them in a wide range of materials.

Standard single-sided banner made from 510g special PVC-material, hemed and eyelets. This makes them extremely sturdy and suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage. The matt coating keeps your design sharp & clear.

Standard double sided-banner made from 610g special PVC-material including eyelets only. This blockout banner material is slightly thicker and unlike other banners, not transparent. Perfect to print on both sides!

Scaffold double sided-banner made from 740g special PVC-material including pole pockets only. This blockout banner material is slightly thicker and unlike other banners, not transparent. Perfect to print on both sides!

Wind proof 270g mesh single-sided banner, hemed and eyelets. Due to the material/texture of Mesh Canvas, the edges can have a slightly different appearance when the canvas is folded over and sewn with the rings in place.

Fence Banners

Bespoke fence advertising as well as providing additional privacy for construction sites and events, Printed with fire retardant material. Heras fence banners Standard size: 174cm x 338 cm. Barrier fence banners Standard size: 2150 by 730mm. Mobile fence banner Standard size 3380 by 1740mm. Available in standard and windproof material and including eyelets for convenient suspension.

Notice: Please be aware that banners are only temporary signage and we cannot be held responsible for any fitting or installation issues. As with all temporary signage they should be taken down in winds exceeding 30mph.


CUSTOM PAVEMENT SIGNS: Get more customers walking in.

We provide a wide range of durable Pavement Signs and A-Boards to suit a multitude of indoor and outdoor promotional uses.

From swinging pavement signs to Ecoflex sign, ideal for pavement, roadside and forecourt promotions. Can be purchased with printed aluminium panels or poster pockets


We supply premium roller banners which have a steady strong foot, are affordable and including a free carrying case. Available in three sized 85 by 200cm, 100 by 200cm and 120 by 200cm.

Sharp picture quality on 210mu matt white polyester film with a satin coating on the front and with a silver back so that the material is completely opaque and is not translucent.

Need premium quality and affordablilty this is the Roller Banners for you.


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